Sunday, February 9, 2014

Free high-paying Adsense keywords that pay $5.00-$15.00 on single click

What if I told you I could get you a number of keywords to hub about that were worth around ten dollars a click?
What if I told you I could do it for free?
(look at the title)
See? I just did. And it's true, so don't go buying keywords from any jackass who claims he'll sell you the 50 highest paying keywords for 10, 100, etc. dollars. You will get NOTHING that you couldn't get for free, from ME.
I'll give you keywords that will increase both your CTR and your CPC/CPM. I'll give you keywords that the real Adsense gurus have gotten rich with, and that the elite have used to replace their job income with a full-time internet income.
Actually, I won't GIVE you the keywords, I'll just show you how to get them...
Yeah, that, right there. Click that, dude. It's right there for free. Want me to just give you keywords? Too bad. Work for it.
So how do you use this? Go to the link above. Type in the words you wanna search, and the keyword tool will give you related keywords, along with search traffic, results online, etc etc. So you can not only use this to find high-paying keywords, but to find what people search for, how easy it will be to get your website about a certain keyword onto the front page of Google, and help you figure out which keywords are worth it.
How do you make the CPC/CPM appear? Click the drop-down menu that says "Show/Hide Columns and click Show CPC/CPM. Or better yet, because you want more info, click "Show All". Ya, that will get you all the info you need right there, bud.
So now, scroll through keywords and look for high-paying ones. Some searches will get you nothing above 3 dollars. So search again for new stuff. And then search again for new stuff. Keep searching. You will eventually find keywords worth what YOU like - 5 dollars, 10 dollars, even up to 15 dollars and maybe more, if you're lucky.
HOWEVER, keep one thing in mind: The CPC will change. It will drop and rise, depending on who's buying the ads, how much they are paying for the ads, and how many people are trying to buy ads. And hell, it will change depending on how many people click particular ads. But you can count on keywords that are highly priced, usually being highly priced tomorrow, the next day, and the next day.
Yeah, see right there, I just gave you a full tutorial on how to get friggin' rich on Adsense. But you can't do it unless you put a TON of work at it. But I just told you the exact same information that the ebook-selling scam artists will tell you. I just didn't give you the premade websites with Made-For-Adsense content (which are against Google rules anyways). Do the work and be rewarded.

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